Symbian Putty Touch UI

[DIR] symbian^3/          Contains putty for Symbian^3 phones (N8, E7...)              - v 0.9.5 Latest
[DIR] s60v5/              Contains putty for Series 60 version 5 phones (5800, N97...) - v 0.9.5 will mostlikly be my last version for 5.0
[DIR] s60v3/              Contains putty for Series 60 version 3 phones (N95, N73...)  - Not maintained anymore

New hostname will be this is due the fact that will end it's free dynamic dns service in 30 days.

General info:

My name is Risto Avila and I'm author of Symbian Putty Touch UI editon. Application was first created for Series 60 version 5 phones due the lack of keyboard in Nokia 5800 express music.
After that I've ported and improved the touch UI with toolbar and few minor improvements. Also Symbian^3 support was added for N8 and newer phones.

I would like to thank Petteri Kangaslampi and Damion Yates for their support and intrest towards my attempt to create usable touch ui for putty.

You can contact me through sourceforge mailing list

Symbian putty project page:
Direct link to putty 1.5 font pack which also works with this version of putty

Source code:

Pekka's development snapshots: (You can find his latest snapshots as sis files from here)

How to sign a sis file:

- Add icon support back to toolbar maybe for .jpg files also
- Add setting for creating custom toolbar buttons on the fly
- Make logic to move splitview screen to cursor position when cursor moves and splitview is open.


v (14-Apr-2012)
  - Signed with new key that should be valid for 10 years.
v 0.9.5 (12-Apr-2011)
  - Added support for https:// addresses to list web addr's.
  - Changed the opening of browser.
    Now if you have change default browser from Nokia browser to something else it should open that instead of Nokia one.

v 0.9.4 (30-May-2011)
  - Resigned sis file
v 0.9.3 (09-Fep-2011)
  - Updated changes from repository
  - Changed vibra feedback behavior for S^3 phones

v 0.9.2 (18-Jan-2011)
  - Updated changes from repository
  - Fixed vibra feedback for E7 / Symbian^3

v 0.9.1 (07-Jan-2011)
  - Updated changes from repository

v 0.9.0 (30-Dec-2010)
  - Added splitview to virtual keyboard
  - Fixed logic behind toolbar coordinate saving

v 0.8.9 (07-Dec-2010)
  - Merged latest changes from repository. (ui settings seperated to be profile specific)
  - Fixed layout bug in toolbar

v 0.8.8 (25-Nov-2010)
  - Added bell feature with profile configuration on/off. 
    This respects your phone active profile e.g. silent == no bell. 
  - Added memory for last position of toolbar in portrait and in landscape mode. 
  - Streamlined longpress menu structure 

v (01-Nov-2010)
  - Merged with latest changes from repository.

v 0.8.7 (19-Oct-2010)
  - Changed used connection preference API's to match Symbian^3.
  - Disabled Application Level Roaming.

v 0.8.6 (04-Oct-2010)
  - Tested new feature with 5.0 products. (17-Oct-2010)
  - Added new feature to parse http and www addresses from the screen to list.
    Selecting from the list will launch browser or copy addr to clipboard.
    If I ever get correct certificate file with SwEvent capability I can remove the clipboard copy and always open / change addr in browser.
  - Added two new toolbar buttons. "Send grid" and "List web addresses"
  - Changed a bit default settings from toolbar & general touch
  - Added new flag PUTTY_SYM3_TEST50 this is for features I suspect that should work with 5.0 but are not yet tested.
  - Fixed girdview problem for Symbian^3

v 0.8.5 (15-Jul-2010)
  - Added David Woodhouse's patches for x-term mouse.
  - First Symbian^3 release
  - Supports sbs compile
  - Supports armv5 compile (I couldn't get gcce to work)
  - Made work around for screen refresh problem. Seems like BC break between 5.0 and ^3.
  - Added PUTTY_SYM3 flag for platform specific changes

v 0.8.4 (12-Mar-2010)
  - Re-signed with new self certificate

v 0.8.3 (22-Oct-2009)
  - Fixed crash with toolbar and enter button
v 0.8.2 (20-Oct-2009)
  - Added "Access point" to General settings tab. This is now the final solution and you can select different AP for every profile.
v 0.8.1 (14-Oct-2009)
  - Added "Prompt for access point" to General tab under edit profile.
    Note. Setting is global not profile independent.
  - Optimized icon generation

v 0.8 (08-Sep-2009)
  - Added on the fly icon generation for toolbar
  - Added Esc as gesture option
  - Added font size setting for toolbar buttons
  - Added background transparency settings for toolbar buttons
  - Added text transparency settings for toolbar buttons
v 0.7.5 (05-Aug-2009)
  - Fixed mixup with sis files

v 0.7.4 (04-Aug-2009)
  - Fixed icon text problem with china variant and emulator

v 0.7.3 (27-Jul-2009)
  - Merged with latests stable putty (1.5.1)
v 0.7.2 (26-Jun-2009)
  - Fixed crash from FEP (another memory allocation)
  - Changed AknScreenMode.h to aknscreenmode.h

V 0.7.1 (22-Jun-2009)
  - Fixed crash from FEP (memory allocation)
  - Fixed crash from FEP (modifier keys)

V 0.7 (18-Jun-2009)
  - Rewrote fep buffering system.. this will never be perfect because the terminal doesn't buffer.
  - Fixed the 64 char user input limitation completely. (0.6.1 only fixed it from T9 input)
  - Added more configuration options to toolbar
      - You can now configure number of buttons shown
      - You can now configure heigth & width of the buttons
  - Added ctrl+ option to gestures as Damion Yates suggested.
  - Added alt+ option to gestures
  - Added copy & paste buttons to toolbar
  - Rewrite of select button (Now select + and select from the menu are the same)
      - Select now works either with finger or arrows it even work if you use both
  - Cleaned up lots of custom toolbar code. 
  - Optimized gestures for better finger usage

V 0.6.1 (04-Jun-2009)
  - Made my feb displaybuffer dynamic.. this didn't help for limitation the limitation came from the original FEP code.
  - Dirty hack around 64 character user input limitation. (It seems that FEP code needs rewrite for 5.0 VKB acts differently than normal T9 FEP)
  - Fixed a bug with toolbar button number 7
  - Added Enter as gesture and toolbar button as Daniel Zachrisson suggested.

V 0.6 (08-May-2009)
  - Merged with latests development release r428
  - Added several new icons for toolbar customization
  - Added several new commands for gesture configurability
  - Added touch feedback to toolbar buttons and gestures
  - Split toolbar and touch settings configuration to different pages
  - Fixed one leak from earlier releases
  - Finalized gesture & toolbar configuration
V 0.5 - internal release
  - Tested out some touch UI specific configurations
    - Ended up to binary file in data folder
    - One configuration file for the phone so this is not session specific!
V 0.4 - internal release
  - Added gestures
    - Swipe up
    - Swipe down
    - Swipe left
    - Swipe right

V 0.3 (03-Apr-2009)
  - Made custom toolbar with 8 buttons & Icons
      Tab = Sends Tab key
      Alt modifier = toggles alt modifier while writing
      Ctrl modifier = toggles ctrl modifier while writing
      Unlock/Lock toolbar = Unlocks/locks toolbar to its place
      Select = Enables/disables user to select text with pen/finger
      Pipe = Sends pipe key |  
      Arrow up = Sends arrow up key 
      Arrow down = Sends arrow down key
  - Made some improvements to VKB display
  - Merged my files with latest development version (

V 0.2 (27-Feb-2009)
  - Merged Emulator changes and tested that code still work on hw.
    Noticed a bug in emulator Sendgrid doesn't work with mouse you need to use select from menu to select item
    This still works on the device as expected with touch
  - Made FEP functionality better
  - Single click now opens virtual keyboard insted of send line box
  - Copying works with drag events. Just like in windows putty. 

V 0.1 Emulator (21-Feb-2009)
  - Made putty to work with s60 5.0 emulator. Reason for different patch and release is that I have not had time to test if the same changes work on HW
  - Added two PopUpAndDestroy fields one in profilelistview.cpp and the other one to terminalview.cpp
  - Modified puttyappui.cpp to search fonts from c: drive insted of z: wich fails on emulator.
V 0.1 (21-Feb-2009)
  Common info about release: 
  - Signed sis available at
  - Full source code available at
  - Current release is based on latest stable 1.5.0
  - is difference between touch_UI rel against 1.5.0 stable
  Changes made top of 1.5.0 :
  - Created s60v50 directory structure for UI and building
  - Made new flag PUTTY_S60TOUCH to s60v5\puttyui.mmp this should be used if common code need changes (atm used in putty.rss)
  - Variated terminalcontainer.cpp and terminalcontainer.h files for touch UI.  
	(this could be also made with PUTTY_S60TOUCH flag inside 3.0 UI but the changes could be radical if touch select, copy and paste are incorporated)
  - Created popup mone that can be accessed with long press
  - Created tap and double tap functions. Tap opens send line window. Doble tap opens Send grid.

(C) Risto Avila